Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5 Great Mobile Apps for Law Students

I got my smart phone halfway through law school. I swore I didn't need the costly device...and then, six months later, I didn't know what I ever did without it. If you're a law student or new attorney here are some mobile apps that are worth checking out.

Nolo's Plain English Law Dictionary - You know, like Black's but cheaper. In fact, it's free through the iTunes app store, it's $16.99 for andriod. We all know that guessing at words during your first year of law school is probably a bad idea. If you aren't using West Law to access Black's Law dictionary for free, then I recommend adding a legal dictionary to your phone. It's more convenient (and cheaper) than getting out the big hard copy version.

Google Shopper - Sure, it may not sound law related, but hear me out. When you're in law school (or, um, job hunting) you have no money. Well, you have some money, but it's faked loaned money so really shouldn't count that. Stretching a dollar matters and Google Shopper is one way to a buck go farther. This free app allows you to scan bar codes, the magic of google then scourers the internet to determine if the product is cheaper somewhere else. So, before you buy those 30 packs of flashcards at Target, consult Google Shopper to see if they are cheaper on Amazon.

Kindle App - I had a Kindle in law school so I found this app very helpful. Now that the app is available for laptops as well as mobile devices this might be great even if you don't have a Kindle. You know those West Law and Lexis print outs? The 100s of page so of journal articles you printed for that tax paper you're working on? Well, you can save an electronic copy and then save it as Kindle content. Suddenly you carrying around your kindle, laptop, or smart phone rather than three binders worth of print outs. This app was, literally, a back saver for me.

Barbri & Kaplan  - Both of the largest commercial bar prep companies finally have mobile apps. You have to be signed up with their service, but if you plan to take the bar you should sign up for bar prep as soon as possible anyway since both companies offer discounts for advanced registration. Both these apps offer bar prep as well as MPRE prep. Hey, you never know when you're going to be stuck on the bus have time to get a few practice questions.

Evernote - This free app is a to do list on steroids. It allows you to take notes, capture photos, make to-do lists, and record voice notes...and then makes them all searchable. Thanks to the handy dandy sync feature you can access the notes on multiple devices. So much better than the crappy memo app that probably came pre-loaded on your phone.


  1. Wow, these are great apps! I even think that these apps are great in any college course. I'm waiting for my data plan is undergoing some fiber optic cabling issues and once it's fixed, I'll surely download these apps. Thanks!

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  7. I like these five apps. because these app useful to me so i want to use these application in my mobile.these applications very useful for law students for imformations

  8. Nice list! Thank you! I'll only be allowed to buy gadgets after we have our fuses replaced, to avoid any short circuit when we charge. I'll be guided by this list anyway. Thanks!

  9. The only app I have on the list is Evernote. I wonder why Nola's cost a lot for Android users yet comes FREE for iTunes. =| Mac Review

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