Sunday, October 24, 2010

How do you choose which judges to vote for?

Ok, not these kinds of judges.

I have a confession to make: until about 10 minutes ago, I had no idea how to decide if I should vote for a judge or not. When I was voting in California, I usually just voted for the women or people of color. Diversity is good, right?

It's scary, I know. My method wasn't really scientific. Basically it was a simple way of eliminating some folks. My very own perverse derivation of the worlds most wackadoodle affirmative action program. And I'm a third year law student...what must the rest of the world be doing?

Well, thanks to Jim over at No Funny Lawyers I just read about Know Your The fine folks over there publish "simple, impartial nonpartisan" facts in one easy to use website. They link to Colorado's Judicial Performance Reviews, provide an overview of the process of judge selection, and even have a cute PSA. Now none of us have an excuse to place uninformed votes. Know Your Judge only publishes information about Colorado judges but I did find this (almost as helpful) site put up by the Los Angeles County Bar Association for you LA voters.

If you have resources for other regions I hope you'll pass them along. I guess for now, if you're not in Los Angeles or Colorado you'll just have to stick with the hope-the-Asian-American-woman-does-a-good-job strategy.

Happy voting!

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