Saturday, September 12, 2009


Welcome to my new "blawg." I have no idea who will read this. After a couple months of thinking about it, I decided I don't care.

My experience of my 1L year was very different from what I expected. It was a worse cultural fit that I expected...and I thought about walking away after my first year.

I decided to return to law school this year after a fair amount of reflection. Last May, as I finished my first year of law school, I realized that there was something missing. I quickly discovered that "something" was me. Somewhere in the previous nine months I'd drunk at least some of the cool aid. I was beginning to "think like a lawyer." Usually a mark of success, "thinking like a lawyer" was far from it for me. In many ways, it meant turning my back on my authentic self, it meant abandoning me in a very personal way.

So this blog is my thoughts on law school. Largely, I just want a place to document them. I hope this become a place for the deconstruction and reconstruction of ideas...even if that's only in my own head. I hope to be honest...and I hope this doesn't give the bar association reason to question my "moral fitness." :) If my thoughts resonate with other people, if this blog helps to build community or for other people to find a kindred then I am all the more happy. If you have thoughts on the things I write I'd love to hear them.